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Organization of Sporting Events,
Amateur and Corporate Tournaments

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What we do

Open World GC offers a wide range of services for the development and implementation of the event-related projects:

 development and presentation of event concept;
 development of unique project style in accordance with goals and objectives of the customer;
 development and implementation of commercial rights management;
 selection of the venue location;
 GR-support of the project (coordination with the authorities and other official structures);
 attracting and servicing of sponsors and partners;
 legal and financial support of the project;
 documentation development;
 development of advertising strategy and advertising campaign;
 registration of the venue;
 technical support and maintenance;
 coordination and control of all organization stages of the event;

 development of zoning scheme and accreditation process;
 security provision;
 development of guest program for VIP;
 development of memorabilia;  
 attraction of viewers and spectators;
 organization of official ceremonies and other activities in the scope of the project;
 development of press relations services;
 development and implementation of information policy;
 photo and video shooting;
 development of network resources and their maintenance;
 report on the project.  



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